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Virtual Try-On & Shade Finder Privacy Policy

last updated [january 2, 2024]

This privacy notice (“Notice”) describes how Coty and Kylie Cosmetics (which is operated by Coty Inc. and its affiliates) (“Coty”, “us”, “our”) collects and uses your personal information via the applicable web property (the “Site”) to whilst using the Virtual Try-on service and Foundation Shade Finder (“the Service”).

The Coty Privacy Notice found at: https://privacy.coty.com/ shall govern the collection and processing of any personal information in relation to the Service. Please read this notice carefully as it describes in detail the rights and responsibilities regarding processing of your personal information.

In addition, the following supplementary terms shall also apply, specifically to your use of the Service:

Supplementary Privacy Notice Terms

1. What personal information do we collect and how long is it retained?

Personal information collected and retention length depends on the channel of the Service being used and is detailed in the following table: 

Service Channel

Personal Information Collected

Retention Period

In-App listing

Email address for account setup.

Individual images (photo and video) for transmission to YouCam Community

On request by user

In-Store CM

User makeup photo and email address for user-initiated sharing

Auto deleted after 30 days

Web CM

User makeup photo and email address / Facebook account handle

User IP address (server access log) and sent email server log

Photo and email/Facebook handle deleted in 24 hours

IP address and email log deleted after 30 days

BA 1-1

BA call data, email address

On request by user

Live Streaming

Live stream video records, caster list enrichment including personalization.

On request by user

AR Training

Joint training videos used for enrichment including personalization

On request by user

In addition, for all Service Channels, biometric hand scan data in the form of a hand scan and measurements of the user’s hand features shall be captured by the Service. This biometric personal information shall be retained until the earlier of: (a) on request by the user or (b) automatically deleted 3 years after the user’s last interaction with the Service.

2. Who will process your personal information?

Your biometric personal data shall be securely processed solely by Coty’s service provider, Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp, Coty and other Coty service providers (on behalf of Coty) will securely process your other (non-biometric) personal information.

3. For what purposes is your personal data processed?

Your biometric hand scan and any other images/video data is used to apply the shade to demonstrate the product result, though note the images are indicative only and actual product results will vary.

Your contact details and related non-biometric personal information (email address, Facebook account handle and IP address) are used for the purposes of emailing out the image should you choose to use this functionality.

4. Where can I find out more information and contact Coty with any questions?

 Please see the Coty Privacy Notice found at https://privacy.coty.com/ including the ‘How do I Contact Coty?’ section.

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